Investment project - Port Njivice

Location of the port

Port Njivice is located on the north-west coast of Krk Island, in the very centre of the village of Njivice (1100 inhabitants), which administratively belongs to Omišalj Municipality.
This is the port closest to the mainland, i.e. Krk Bridge which connects the island to the mainland, but also Rijeka Airport which is located only 8 km away and is open throughout the year. 
The village of Njivice is a tourist destination in which there can be up to 10,000 guests per day during the summer months. The existing small port is part of Ribarska Obala which is the very “heart” of the village and the venue of all events. In the immediate vicinity is where one of the best Croatian restaurants is located, which is why many boaters sail into the port of Njivice.

Current status of the port

Today, port Njivice is open for public traffic of local significance, with 150 m of operative quays
with 100 berths, including 80 communal berths. The supply of electricity and drinking water is ensured.

The Project

With this project port Njivice would get 100 new berths, and the project also includes the reconstruction of the historical part of the port with a correction of the banks and building piers, the extension of the main breakwater, and construction of a secondary breakwater. 

Possibilities and benefits of investment

  • location permit – 10/2015;
  • designed main project;
  • the possibility of obtaining a concession for a part of the port;
  • planned investment value with 100 new berths: 25 million Croatian kuna.


Luka Njivice - projekcija